On The Record (July 22)

Alvvays - Alvvays  (July 22)


With the fondest intended meaning of the statement, Alvvays is incredibly Canadian. It’s in the balance of pop, self-consciousness, and humble, poetic lyrics. There’s a nerdy innocence and guarded quality  to vocalist Molly Rankin’s tone, verbosely sitting somewhere between John K. Samson and  Kathleen Edwards. Charming surf rock and the most catchy, angsty melodies this side of the Thrush Hermit age make Alvvays a winningly cool set of losers.

Got A Girl - I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now (July 22)


Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Smashed, Scott Pilgrim) and Gorillaz producer Dan “the Automator” Nakamura may be jumping on the quirky retro pop bandwagon, but they do it so well, with such a kooky awareness,  that all the other Dusty Springfield lovers out there fall away. Winstead is confessional and sultry, her voice clarifying  even as it whispers; Dan the Automator’s musical approach is cartoon slink with an undertone of noir, giving Got A Girl an arch theatrical sensibility clever enough to cut any cuteness.

The Black Angels - Clear Lake Forest (July 22)


Originally a Record Store Day limited edition, this Texan psychedelic group’s EP is seeing a general release for those who missed out back in April. The Black Angels love resting in a heavy, warm coat of reverb, expertly transcribing the tambourine jangles and bright guitars of their psychedelic forebearers. “Tired Eyes” is an expansive classic rock treat, that, like the rest of the EP, is a true treat to the ears.

Allison Weiss – Remember When (July22)


Best known as a crowdsourcing pioneer, Weiss’ bubblegum pop is wrapped in the plaid of indie projects and DIY ethos, ready to share the most uncomfortable moments of the heart. Just guitars, intensely personal lyrics, and ground-up ingenuity.

summer looks

5 Effortless Summer Looks

Less is definitely more, especially during the heat of the summer. (At least, that’s what our skin says when it comes to wearing makeup in these sweat-inducing temperatures.) However, we shouldn’t let the sun keep us in fear from wearing makeup all the time — especially when there are fun beauty looks that fit right in with summer. With the right products that are melt-proof, skin protective, and neutral, you can create everyday looks that appear effortless. You don’t need makeup, but if you want to amp up your already beautiful qualities, here are 5 effortless summer looks you can mimic all on your own:

1. Golden And Bronze
The sun ends up giving us all a little bit of color when we spend time outside. Take advantage of that sun-kissed skin by adding some bronzer for a light effect. You can easily add bronzer into your everyday look by using a contour brush.

Dab it lightly into your product, tap the brush to remove the excess powder, and then make a fish face. Yes, a fish face — just suck in your cheeks and where you see the hallows of your cheekbones, contour the bronzer there. Make sure you do this in light up and down strokes to blend it well without a line. It will pull together a golden look that is sure to compliment the sun’s rays.

Some popular summer bronzers are Benefit’s Sun Beam, Too Faced Endless Summer, and Naked Flushed.

2. Shimmery In The Sun
Eyeshadow is one beauty product that can easily be experimented with and added into any look. What’s been trending this summer are shimmery eyes that can’t be missed. They provide an extra something that blends well with your complexion by using natural tones.

Choose your favorite shimmery eyeshadow and apply with a shadow brush (or even your fingers). Apply to your eyelids and blend it outwards to make it appear less intense, but evenly distributed. To create more dimension in this eye look, add a brighter shade to the corner of your eyes and apply the darker shade underneath alongside some eyeliner.

Some great quality eyeshadow brands to try are Urban Decay, L’Oréal, and Maybelline.

3. A Colored Liner
Black eyeliner will always be a classic, but the summer give us the chance to wear bolder colors without looking too out-of-place. Colored liners can compliment whatever color your eyes are. Purple hues are great for brown eyes, pink hues for blue eyes, and blue hues for green eyes. You can try any color you want from the rainbow though to make your eyes pop even more.

Colored liners give the illusion of you looking wide awake, which is a sneaky little tip for us early birds and night owls. Just pick out a eyeliner color you can’t resist and apply as you would normally. You can get creative by winging it out, applying it in two lines, or stay tight by lining it under your eyelashes.

Some long lasting liners are Stila’s All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, Urban Decay’s 24/7, and Stila’s Smudge Stick.

4. Blushing And Glowing
Our skin seems to glow naturally after sitting in the sun for a while. The perfect compliment to that natural glow is a touch of blush for some color, which allows our cheeks to stand out more. It’s a flirtatious look, and if you have a significant other, they may be feeling the urge to plant a kiss your rosy cheeks.

You can go in many directions with the various shades that are available. Corals, pinks, and plums all can provide a different blushing glow to the look you are sporting. For powder blushes, it’s best to use a blush brush, but for cream blushes your fingers will just do. Before applying, smile to locate the apples of your cheeks and begin. You can build up the colors or lightly apply them.

Some gorgeous blush colors can be found from Benefit Cosmetics, Tarte, and Nyx.

5. A Soft Lip
Of course we’re all for the bold lip colors in the summer, but a soft lip is a staple when trying an effortless look. You can even play down one of your favorite bold lip products into a soft lip by applying it and dabbing your lips onto a napkin or with your fingers. By blending it out this way, it will lighten the color into a much softer appearance.

Light colors intensify your lips into an organic look — with a little bit of pow. The best part about a soft lip are all the different colors to choose from. As long as you tone it down or choose a light color, it will play easily into an effortless summer look.

Some light lip shades can be found from Revlon, Lorac, and Nyx.

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Four Summer Movies To Look Forward To

Movies are something many of us look forward to. From comedies to love stories, we get involved with the plot and the characters — so much that sometimes we forget it’s just a movie. But my all time favorite are those inspirational movies that leave you thinking right after you’ve watched them. This summer, there have already been plenty of new movies that have gotten great responses. But don’t worry, the best summer films may not even be here yet.

We’ve made a list of movies that we can look forward to, not only for this month but also for the next few months that are ahead. Grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

Wish I Was Here – Out July 18th

The trailers of Wish I Was Here make us think that this movie will touch on multiple emotional notes. Wish I Was Here‘s stars include the beautiful and talented Kate Hudson, as well as the hilarious Zach Braff — who also directed and wrote the film. The film revolves around a family and real-life struggles.

If I Stay – Out August 22nd

Based on Gayle Forman’s hit novel, If I Stay tells the story of Mia Hall— played by rising star Chloë Grace Moretz. Mia and her family get into a car accident and she ends up in a coma. As the story progresses, Mia starts to have an out-of-body experience where she must decide whether to wake up and continue her life without her family, or to die and go be with her family. If I Stay is a very interesting story that you will be eager to see unfold.

This Is Where I Leave You – Out September 19th

Starring Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, and Rose Byrne, this film is filled with strong performers. This Is Where I Leave You unfolds when the father of four siblings passes away and their mother forces them to return to their childhood home and live under the same roof for a week. The story seems compelling, funny, and touching — AKA one that you definitely do not want to miss.

The Judge - Out October 10th

This movie is definitely one to look forward to, with Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall playing leading roles. The story revolves around a successful lawyer, Hank Palmer. When Hank’s mother dies, he goes back home and sees his father, the town judge, with whom he does not get along. Hank later finds out that his father is suspected of murder and he tries to discover the truth.


Our Picks For The 2014 Emmy’s

On August 25, it is time to celebrate and honor amazing television in America with the 2014 Emmy’s. The Emmy’s are a great part of television culture and basically what the Oscar’s are to the movie world. This year’s nominees are outstanding and brilliant, but would we expect anything less? As a TV buff who can spend hours watching television shows, from dramas to comedies, I have taken it upon myself to propose a list of potential category winners:  Outstanding Drama Series 2014

Breaking Bad: Even though there are many great shows nominated for outstanding drama series, Breaking Bad is the all time favorite. BB has managed to attract a huge and devoted fan community. It is every fan’s personal mission to convince non-Breaking Bad- watchers why this is the greatest show on television. Every episode pulls you in, with the help of strong protagonists and great supporting actors and at the end of every episode only one question will ring in your mind: How the heck is he going to do this?   Outstanding Comedy Series 2014

Orange is the New Black: Although not my personal favorite, OITNB is the favorite nominee amongst most for outstanding comedy series. The Netflix original series takes us and the protagonist Piper Chapman into a women’s correctional facility after a crime committed in her past, catches up with Piper. Much of the show’s success has been attributed to the strong, predominantly female cast. Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series 2014

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (Scandal): Kerry Washington is an amazing fit as Olivia Pope. She manages to keep us entwined in her complex life that is filled with so much scandal and betrayal it is hard to keep track. Olivia Pope is a strong woman, and Kerry Washington does an excellent job portraying this prominent character. Scandal seems to be a bit of an underdog at the Emmy’s due to it’s soap opera-esque nature. Nonetheless, Washington has proven her talent and deserves this Emmy! Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series 2014

Bryan Cranston as Walter White (Breaking Bad): Walter White, or “the one who knocks,” is a character so well portrayed by Bryan Cranston. Cranston manages to fully immerse himself into his character and has become  a true Walter White. Bryan Cranston first gained television success as Hal in Malcolm in The Middle, but then disappeared from mainstream success for a while. As Walter White in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has done what many actors have a hard time doing – erasing their signature role from viewers’ memories. Walter’s character is so intruiging and fascinating because of his development throughout the narrative, especially when viewed next to supporting character’s Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paulson). Cranston’s excellent portrayal of Walter White makes him the favorite nominee. Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series 2014

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreations): Amongst many other great female nominees for lead in a comedy series, Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreations is my personal favorite. Amy manages to bring Leslie Knope to life to an extent no one else could. Leslie Knope is a strong female character who is so enthusiastic and invested in her job — which is dominated by men — you just have to love her. Amy Poehler deserves this award because she not only manages to be the enthusiastic powerful woman, but also the hilarious leading lady as well. Oustanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series 2014

Louis C.K. as Louie (Louie): The brilliance that is Louie is all thanks to Louis C.K. The show, based on his life as a stand-up-comedian and single dad in the Big Apple, is so authentic and bizzare at times, it reels you in — whether you like it or not. The genuine approach Louis brings into the show is what makes the show. Louis in Louie speaks the truth — good or bad — about many important parts of life, like fatherhood, sex, and trying to make a living in the big city. The combination of his stand-up comedy with sketches and little stories that originate from Louis C.K.’s life make it a unique show that deserves recognition. These, of course, are only a selection of the categories and nominees. Many amazing shows, writers, and actors and actresses have been nominated this year and many of them deserve this award. August 25 will be an exciting night and I know I cannot wait to see who will win! [Image Source]


Headlines You May Have Missed: July 18-20

Be sure to read up on the headlines you may have missed from this weekend!

Hamas Claims To Have Captured An Israeli Soldier
The battle between Israel and Hamas continues to spiral out of control. Unfortunately, Sunday became the deadliest day so far. Now Hamas claims to have captured an Israeli soldier, and people in Gaza are celebrating the capture as it puts power into the hands of Hamas. This could now change the plans for the Israeli ground offensive, as Israel is aware of this new claim of a captured soldier.
Read more here.

A Florida Woman Gets $23.6 Billion Dollars In Lawsuit
Cynthia Robinson, a Florida widow, sued the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company on the grounds that they failed to warn her husband of the danger and addictive properties of cigarettes when he first started smoking 23 years before his death at age 36. The Vice President of the company, J. Jeffrey Raborn, is quite unhappy and claims that the verdict is grossly excessive.
Read more here.

Man Dies During Arrest
Eric Garner, a 400-pound father of six, died after being taken to the ground and put in a chokehold by police officers. The two officers involved in the arrest have been put on desk duty due to the controversial incident. Garner, an asthmatic, can be heard yelling “I can’t breathe” in video footage taken by passersby. The two officers violated a direct rule to never put people in chokeholds, so they may face trouble with both the police department and the law.
Read more here.

4 Year Old Boy Mauled
Over the weekend a 4-year-old boy was mauled to death by two pitbulls at his uncle’s house. Although the circumstances are unknown, it is believed that the boy went to play with the dogs and let them out of the cages. It was around 10:30 at night when his screams were heard and police were called. Unfortunately, this tragic incident was fatal and the child was found dead at the scene.
Read more here.

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Making Your Summer Days Last

The beautiful summer sunsets are beginning to dwindle down as we make our way to the end of July. Our sighs of relief on the last days of school marking our summer break feel like they were only yesterday. We can’t seem to imagine days without having the sun on our backs, shades on our face, and beach waves crashing into us. We  shouldn’t have to! As long as there is a summer left it should be your duty to take advantage of each warm day as much as you can. Don’t let the oncoming emails from school dull your summer shine. Read them, prepare, and go back to soaking up the sun. Summer breaks are made for us to kick back and relax on the days that we have free. Let your worries be pushed back into the shadows and instead focus on the positive — like being able to pack a cooler and head out to the beach with your friends.

Let these last summer days be filled with laughter, good times, and plenty of pictures on your phone that you even forgot you took. Have a week where you’ve forgotten which days are which. Overeat ice cream…and don’t feel guilty. Stay in the pool until your hands prune. Get as much sand in your beach bag as you can. Whatever you do, just make sure to make each day count!

Read some of our tips for making your summer days last:

1. Go outside each day.
Let the sun’s Vitamin D lift your spirit! No matter if it’s during a walk, spending some time at a park, or stepping out during your lunch break, enjoy your day by spending some time outdoors and truly experiencing this beautiful weather.

2. Wing it. 
Sometimes plans go out the window; when that happens, gather up your awesome friends and go do something fun! Hit up a local flea market and find some one-of-a-kind finds. Take a trip to the city and see what comes your way. Or venture on a road trip to some place that you’ve never been before. Winging it often leads to some priceless memories and epic adventures.

3. Snap and record. 
A good way to relive your summer moments is by having proof of them. Snap pictures and record videos whenever you can. At the end of the summer you can print out the pictures you’ve taken and make a collage. You’ll be able to hang it up at home or in your dorm room to remind you of those sun-worthy memories. With the videos, you can edit into them a ‘bid adieu’ video to the summer that you can share with all of your friends.

4. Create a memory jar. 
You can stow away all of those photos, tickets to events, and more that will remind you of the summer in a memory jar. Fill it with all the good and positive things that have happened or are happening to you during these sun-soaking months. You can write every event and memory that has made you smile on slips of paper and put those in the memory jar as well. At the end of the summer, take it all out and refresh your memories with everything in the memory jar. Once you’re done, you can start filling it up with more memorabilia and sentimental stories!

5. Look on the bright side. 
Most importantly is to always remain positive through out these days. Don’t think of them as being the last days of summer, but the beginning of an entirely new summer soon to come. Live in the moment of each day and take it all in. Remember that even though summer is ending, you can still have your own sunshine on your shoulders.

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Replicating Runway Looks: Purple Lips

nicole-miller-ss-2014-hair-makeup-nailsNicole Miller S/S 2014

Inspired by the endless parade of kooky runway beauty trends each season, but unsure of how to apply green eye shadow or bright orange lipstick to everyday life? I feel your pain. I’ll try out 4 of the most out-there Summer 2014 runway looks over the next month, and report back on how to make them work for us ordinary folks.

marchesa-ss-2014-runway-beautyMarchesa S/S 2014

Marchesa and Nicole Miller’s Spring/Summer 2014 runway shows saw models sporting deep purple lips and neutral eyes, with each look created by artists  Gucci Westman and James Kaliardos respectively. Marchesa’s purples were heavily saturated, giving a dramatic, Lorde-esque gothic edge to the wine-flushed cheeks and, gray-brown neutral palette lightly defining the eyes. Kathy from classic 18th century novel Wuthering Heights would be all over Marchesa for a summer spent wandering misty English moors. Nicole Miller’s purple is not for shrinking violets, but leans into magenta with a soft gold and fawn on the eyes, for a bold, contemporary party glamour.

Except for an unfortunate encounter with a tube of black costume lipstick when I was 14-years-old, I’ve never worn a dark lip. Purple felt like a little too much, so I  reduced the purple from a full formula lipstick to a sheer lip stain, and wore it to run some errands.While the full look was too intense for day wear, I decided to go with a full on violet lip to see a local  St. Vincent show.

How to wear it:


image (1)

If dark lips don’t scream ‘summer’ to you, tone down deep purple lip color to create a berry-stained, glossy mouth.

Pat color into lips using a finger, and repeatedly blot and pat in the color until you have a stable, ingrained base shade. Coat with a clear gloss.

Use a soft gray or brown shadow on lips and under the eye to balance the dramatic lip.


photo (2)

Use a like colored lip-liner to outline and fill lips, or use your stain as a base, before using a lip-brush and a dark shade  similar to Revlon’s Va-va Violet. Intensify your neutral shadow by smudging dark brown liner along the lashline and outer corners of eyes, or line lower lashes with a gold shadow.

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Don’t Hold A Grudge: How To Make Up And Move On

Whether you had a huge fight with your best friend or you are mad at your parents, there comes a time when you need to stop holding that grudge and move on.

You might be furious at your best friend, but not speaking to her is only going to make things worse. After all, you wouldn’t want to loose your amazing friendship over one silly fight. The same thing goes for your parents or siblings; you both have the same amount of love for each other, and probably live in the same household, so you can’t stay mad at each other forever.

The first step to fixing things is not being afraid to apologize. You might feel that it’s the other person’s fault, and they probably made a mistake, but so did you. Be the first to apologize; the other person will probably forgive you and may even apologize back (if necessary).

Secondly, tell your friend, parent, or sibling how you feel. Maybe they make you feel bad about yourself or brag too much without realizing it. Sharing how you will feel will make them understand your point-of-view more and see what made you upset in the first place.

Next listen to what they have to say. Maybe they’re tired of you belittling yourself all the time or complaining about everything. Whatever the source of your argument was, it’ll be helpful to hear their side as well. Listening to their point of view will help you understand what you may have done wrong — and in some cases, what you can do better the next time.

If the fight originated over the was something was done or handled, come up with a compromise. Meeting in the middle — or as close to the middle as you can get — will help both sides of the argument feel like their voices and frustrations were heard and understood. Compromising may also help to avoid future arguments.

Now, here’s the fun part. If you both listened to each other, forgave one another, and solved the problem, go do something fun! You’ll want to let loose of that pent up tension and enjoy some positivity. Not to mention, doing something fun together may make your relationship stronger by enjoying each other’s company (and not avoiding each other or acting weird) after your relationship went through a difficult patch.

So the moral of the story? Don’t hold a grudge. You can work through it if you sit down, maintain a level head, and work it out.

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Headlines You May Have Missed: July 17

Check out Headlines You May Have Missed from July 17:

Malaysian Plane Gets Shot Down
A Malaysian passenger flight came down in rebel territory of the Ukraine Thursday, leading people to believe it may have been a terrorist attack. Although it has been determined that the aircraft was brought down by a missile, it is unknown who shot it or why. There were nearly 300 passengers on the plane, all of whom are now dead. International teams are being brought together to try to solve the mystery of the plane coming down so that whoever is responsible can be brought to justice.
Read more here.

Israel Launches Ground Attack
Israel launched a ground offensive against Hamas. They destroyed tunnels that had been made from Gaza into Israeli territory. Israel said they plan to hit Hamas hard, so Hamas responded by saying that Israel’s choice to attack was a bad one as now Israel will pay a heavy price.
Read more here.

FedEx Faces Charges
Major shipping company FedEx could be facing over $1.5 billion dollars in fines if found guilty in a court case that will occur later this month. The case regards whether FedEx  knew that they were shipping very large amounts of illegal prescription drugs from disreputable online pharmacies to people who did not get a proper prescription for them. FedEx is currently pleading not guilty in the case.
Read more here.

18,000 Jobs At Risk At Microsoft
Microsoft plans on making some serious changes in the very near future as they plan to lay of 18,000 people, mostly from Nokia. The company hopes with the major changes they can become nimbler and more focused. They will be laying off 14 percent of their workers, making it the 39-year-old company’s largest layoff ever. Read more here.

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Have A Headache? 5 Common Causes And How To Combat Them

I think we can all agree that headaches are miserable. At best, they’re annoying, and at worst, they can get in the way of your productivity and well-being.

Many headaches are nothing serious (though I once Googled “headache causes” and WebMD suggested I was pregnant!). Don’t be too concerned, but if you find yourself with a seemingly random headache, consider if it might be the result of these common triggers.

Stress can be at the root of tension headaches, which are the most common type of headaches among adults — and women are twice as likely as men to suffer from these! Tension headaches can be triggered by many things, including stressors like starting a new job or going on vacation. These headaches don’t usually last too long and can be taken care of without medication.

Skipping meals is another common cause of headaches, though this one might be harder to realize. Sometimes, the headache comes before you even realize you’re hungry. Eating at regular intervals can help alleviate this issue.

Dehydration results in many uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches. Treating this is simple: just drink more water! If you drink a bottle of water or two, you will feel better in about an hour. Be cautious, though, and make sure you catch dehydration before it gets serious.

Headaches are also a result of eye strain, which occurs after extended use of your eyes. This can be caused by bad lighting or staring at your computer for too long. Thankfully, eye strain doesn’t lead to any permanent damage. To prevent eye strain, take breaks while using your computer or reading small text. You can also close your eyes and massage your temples for a minute to relieve the symptoms.

Though bad posture is often subconscious, it can be at the root of headaches.  Putting your head forward while sitting means your muscles have to work against gravity to keep your head up, which is like adding an extra ten pounds of weight! This strains your upper back and neck muscles, causing headaches. Bad posture could potentially lead to chronic headaches, but you can prevent them. Consciously sit, stand, and lie down properly. Consider doing strength training that targets your back muscles and hamstrings. You could also have some fun and try out a massage or acupuncture.

Headaches are your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Remember, if you’re suffering from intense or consistent headaches, you should see a doctor. Otherwise, incorporate healthier choices into your everyday life and banish headaches for good!

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