Focus On Fitness, Not Thinness

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    We have all seen the before and after photos: an unhappy, slouched over, overweight girl juxtaposed alongside a smiling, skinny version of the same person. These pictures fit into the category of “fitspiration” or “fitspo” — motivational quotes and pictures that are supposed to motivate people to work out, eat better, and be healthy. While there is absolutely nothing with these things — it’s always good to strive to be healthier — the problem comes in with these misleading photos. Physical…

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    End of Summer Road Trip Tips

    With less than two weeks of August left, what better way to make the most of your summer than a great road trip? If you’re working a lot, you can take a quick day or weekend…

  • woman reading book at the beach

    Self-Care Is Important, So Treat Yourself

    Life happens. And when it does, it doesn’t always give us the chance to catch our breath and take a minute for ourselves. School, work, family, friends, eating, volunteering, and all of the things…

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    Unisex Evolution: How To Rock Androgynous Style

    As the LGBTQI movements challenge stereotypes of gender in our society, the boundaries of what defines a man and what defines a woman have been changing–a fact that is reflected in the fashion world.…

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