One Direction has shown us that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Announcing the release of their latest album, FOUR, a couple of months ago we got a view of what this sound would be like. 

Today is the day the boys will be releasing the album in Orlando Universal Studios and they are already topping the iTunes chart– even after the huge leak that happened a week before the set date.

The boys’ new album has a complete new sound. I can say without a doubt most of the songs sound nothing like their first single Steal My Girl– which we assume they chose because of its poppy, catchy sound. As you listen to the album, you won’t even recognize the X Factor boy band that hit off their career with What Makes You Beautiful. With songs like Where do Broken Hearts Go, which is an upbeat song that will be great live, you can tell the band has found their sound.

The album has a pop rock influence to it and the boys also were involved a lot with the writing of the songs. The track Stockholm Syndrome, which was written by Harry, has a edgy and unique sound to it as lyrics like “Baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way.”  Talk about enjoying him talking about being captivated by his love interest!

Tracks like Girl Almighty will have you up on your feet singing along at the top of your lungs, and you have to admit the way Niall sings “Almighty” gets you weak in your knees.

We can’t forget the ballads! Like Little Things, we have the gem 18which was also written by Ed Sheeran just for One Direction, the song is that perfectly romantic that will leave you swooning. There is also Fools Gold, which talks about loving someone so much that you don’t care they don’t return the same genuine feelings– have tissues around when you listen to it.

Night Changes, the second single which music video comes out this friday, has to be my absolute favorite off this album. Starting off with Zayn’s soft, smooth vocals and Harry’s raspy voice, as always, topping it off in the chorus. The song is wonderfully composed, with beautifully written lyrics.

Finally, we have to say that the album as a whole was great. Their harmonies and voices, plus the writing and rhythm of the songs make this album so perfect, and I honestly can’t wait to have it on repeat from now on.

With One course’s consistent journeying one wonders how they determined the time to record their new release, four, among all the ones stadium dates.

then again, if you watched the 2013 documentary this is Us, you’ll recognize the five lads are not definitely quite faces with succesful voices – the key to their attraction and sturdiness is a no-fuss mind-set to paintings. And the same approach may be an increasing number of found across their albums.

4 is another series of slick pop-rock that succeeds in sounding relatively organic. The drums pound, the acoustic guitars ring and nearly every tune has a skyscraper of a refrain in order to lodge in your brain by the second listen.

In quick, four is meant to be performed stay and the UAE devoted may have lots of new songs to belt out when the men touch down in Dubai in April next 12 months. here is a song-via-track breakdown.

Come on, you must have had the (scary) idea that 1D took on the Stone Roses, didn’t you? Don’t fear. That funk-rock classic stays secure however there is a lot happening for this one. Horran gives you a candy falsetto hook here and there may be a brand new trace of broodiness, too. assume the Sevens Stadium stage to be moodily lit while the lads supply it.